Baby It Is COLD Outside!

I think Winter is here! I hope everyone has their septics covered. If the cold keeps up, there will be a lot of frozen septic systems, if it happens to you, there are several options to consider:

1). — You can hope it fixes itself—-it probably will sometime next Spring.

2). — You can try thawing it out yourself—–Call us at 715-356-3020 if you need some tips on how to do this.

3). —  You can hire us to thaw for you—–good option.

4). –You can sometimes call a pumper to pump the septic tank—–we do not believe this is a good first option, you may end up pumping the tank all winter. The sewer lines may still need thawing. If the septic tank is pumped, care should be taken to protect the baffles so the ice does not damage them when the septage is removed. This applies to the dose tank pump and controls also.

And. Remember, it is not too late to cover the septic tank and sewer lines with straw and/or snow. Once the ground freezes it is difficult to keep it from refereeing.

About len

Len was born in 1953 and have been involved in the LaFrenier Sons Septic, a family owned business since high school. He attended college at UW Marathon and Madison where I studied chemistry, physics, computer science, biochemistry, zoology, bacteriology, and other. He also studied Power Mechanics at Madison Area Tech. Len has the following licenses: Wisconsin Master Plumber RSVP, Soil Evaluator, POWTS Maintainer, Master Septage Operator. He is also licensed in Michigan as a POWTS Maintainer and Septic Installer.
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