Call 715-356-3020 for help with a frozen septic.

If you have a frozen septic J. W. LaFrenier Sons are here to help. The sooner you call, the quicker we can get the septic back in running condition. Depending on the system layout, and where the freeze is located we will use one of several methods to correct the backup. As a last resort, we will pump the septic tank so it can be used as a holding tank until the ground thaws. Pumping the septic tank as part of an attempt to thaw the system out is not a good plan, the wastewater that fills the tank is mostly water and will freeze easier than septage that was in the tank.

Steamer for frozen septic

Sewer thawing machine

About len

Len was born in 1953 and have been involved in the LaFrenier Sons Septic, a family owned business since high school. He attended college at UW Marathon and Madison where I studied chemistry, physics, computer science, biochemistry, zoology, bacteriology, and other. He also studied Power Mechanics at Madison Area Tech. Len has the following licenses: Wisconsin Master Plumber RSVP, Soil Evaluator, POWTS Maintainer, Master Septage Operator. He is also licensed in Michigan as a POWTS Maintainer and Septic Installer.
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