2014 County Septic Tank Maintenance

Why Should I Have My  Septic Tank Inspected?


Besides being the law in Wisconsin there are other benefits to having your septic tank checked out every three years.  If a septic tank is not maintained periodically it will fail. The rule most POWTS inspectors use is, when a tank is 1/3 full of solids, it needs to be pumped out. This is only one of the items an inspection should entail. Component structure, and system performance should also be examined. All too often things like baffles, water tightness, and other component failures are ignored. Many things go into a quality maintenance inspection. At J. W. LaFrenier Sons, we take maintenance seriously, in the long run you will save money.

If an effluent filter is present, it should be cleaned. There may be things in the septic tank that do not belong there such as condoms, sanity hygiene products, paper towels, plastic, cigarette butts, etc. These things just take up room, they don’t break down easily and they may hamper the function  of the system.

Should I Have My Septic Tank Pumped or Inspected?

This is an easy answer, inspect and pump if necessary. If the solids are nearing the 20% volume after three years of use, it should probably be pumped out because it will likely be over 33% in three years from now. Pumping could also be postponed for a year or more and then be cleaned out of the County three year cycle. The requirement for the State and County is that the system be inspected every three years. The notices for Oneida and Vilas Counties are sent every three years from the time the Sanitary Permit was issued, that is why everyone gets so hung up on the three year cycle.

If the septic tank has an effluent filter, it should be cleaned at least yearly. You, as the home owner, can perform this service if you desire. It is not difficult, and it would give you a good idea if you are using the system properly. Having a service provider do it for you every three years is not enough.

septic tank

Effluent Filters

Typical effluent filer.

All of the wastewater passes through the effluent filter, cleaning is essential or the filter will plug and septage will back up into the building or on the ground.




Call 715-356-3020715-356-3020 or fill out the form below to get on our Spring list for County Septic Inspection/Pumping and receive a 20% discount off the inspection cost of $85.00. Payment must be received before March 15th.  Lid must be exposed or there will be a dig charge applied.

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