First Septic Truck in Minocqua!

LaFrenier’s First Pumper Truck is Hanging Tough!

Mark Hartsheim sent a link he found on Craig’s List. The homemade  pumper truck was in service starting in the 1950’s. The pump was a diaphragm pump, not very efficient, but it served its purpose for many years by replacing the buckets  used before that. After years of septic service, the septic truck, modified once again, serviced Minocqua’s  sewer mains for Lakeland Sanitary District #1 by flushing water into the mains to keep the sewage flowing.

First Septic Truck

Old Septic Pumper




About len

Len was born in 1953 and have been involved in the LaFrenier Sons Septic, a family owned business since high school. He attended college at UW Marathon and Madison where I studied chemistry, physics, computer science, biochemistry, zoology, bacteriology, and other. He also studied Power Mechanics at Madison Area Tech. Len has the following licenses: Wisconsin Master Plumber RSVP, Soil Evaluator, POWTS Maintainer, Master Septage Operator. He is also licensed in Michigan as a POWTS Maintainer and Septic Installer.
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