Septic Tank Effluent Filter Cleaning

Home Owner’s Can Clean Their Septic Tank Effluent Filters

Septic tank filter maintenance is not a difficult task. POWTS or septic systems installed after 2000 have some type of device to filter the effluent before it reaches the dispersal area. The most common device is an effluent filter located on the outlet of the septic tank. The outlet should have a riser that extends above grade.
To clean the filter, remove the locking device or screws from the cover. Take the cover off, and you should see the filter top and handle. pull the filter out of the housing being careful to notice the position in the housing so it can be reinstalled the same way. once the filter is out, rinse the effluent filter with water from a garden hose, spraying the debris back into the septic tank. Once the filter is clean, replace it into the housing. Replace the tank cover and the locking device or screws.

The cleaning should last about a year, but to be on the safe side, more frequent cleaning can be performed.


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septic tank effluent filter

Cleaning A Septic Tank Effluent Filter